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We are an Investigative Firm that provides private investigator services for real estate professionals, landlords, residential communities, businesses and individuals.


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We’ll help you save money as you make money. It’s that simple! You will run circles around your competition, finally find what you’re looking for, and close the deal.

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American Tracers’ diversified clients include real estate investors, private investors, resort communities, residential and commercial property management companies, and businesses throughout the U.S.

Trusted, Experienced Leadership

We offer subject matter expertise, knowledge, and capabilities. Our team consists of highly trained former federal law enforcement Special Agents, an intelligence analyst, and veterans of our armed forces.

We are Unique

We utilize proprietary products and technology, and constantly seek more effective protocols while using sophisticated tools and methods to lead the industry in advanced techniques to locate and analyze information.

Our Founder: Corey Crane

Corey Crane served in the United States Marine Corps for five years and continued his service to his country as a Special Agent with the U.S. Government for nine years. During his tenure with the government, he successfully conducted investigation on passport/visa fraud, terrorism, and white collar crimes. He also provided protection for various executive level cabinet members. In addition to his investigative experience, Corey served as an intelligence analyst at the Nationals Ground Intelligence Center, U.S. Army.

Corey started American Tracers in May of 2015 to provide assistance and solutions to real estate professionals, businesses, attorneys and individuals nationwide. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations from Liberty University. American Tracers is based out of Lubbock, TX with clients nationwide.


Gloria G.
Gloria G.
I recently came across an abandoned property. I was told that the owners were deceased and had no children. I tried using "Find the Seller" but was overwhelmed with the massive amount of information that I received. I tried to sort it out and sent out a good 75 emails but all of them bounced back. I decided to give it one last shot and ordered a skip trace from American Tracers. It definitely paid off! I was able to contact the heirs and we are currently in negotiation to secure the contract on the property. I would definitely recommended anyone to use American Tracers for the skip tracing needs.
Dominic G.
Dominic G.
American Tracers are an important part of our real estate investing system. Their data allows us to connect with homeowners far quicker & more efficiently than many other methods. American Tracers understand our business & industry, are quick to turn requests around, and have helped us acquire homes through their professional services. Thank you Corey & the AT team.
Lisa T.
Lisa T.
We are a Real Estate investing company in Colorado. Our primary focus is on Foreclosure properties and a lot of these homes are vacant. We have used Ski[ Tracers in the past, paid a lot of money per search only to receive the same info we already found on our own by doing some quick on-line research. American Tracers are much different. They have the best rates, they provide a lot more information on the homeowner, accurate information, & they are fast. Typically when I send in an inquiry I have it by the next day if not sooner. The last four homes we've bought were because we located the homeowner based off of the information American Tracers provided.


  • Locate the Owner
  • Locate the Heir
  • Tenant Screening
  • Criminal Background Screening
  • Asset Search
  • Death Certificate
  • Expedited Searches
  • Contractor Screening


Like judgments, liens, purchase prices and refinancing information? Simple choose the add-on at check out.

We will provide you with a report for the information you have requested. If we do not find anything, you get an immediate credit that goes toward your next search. We will also provide some recommendations on how to best contact the owner, with proven tactics and strategies used many times before. Of course, we’re providing you with up-to-date information but it’s your job to close the deal, and please tell us when you do! We love testimonials from our clients.

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